Our world needs compassion now more than ever before.

This consciousness is present within our children.

Compassion Rising’s mission is to provide vegan families, as well as childcare programs, with a trusted space to develop their emotional intelligence, strengthen their sense of compassion and empathy, and deepen their connection with themselves, all living beings, and this planet we call home. A place where children are taught the beauty of their very creation and how to transcend that beauty into an awakened world.

Courtesy of Luvin Arms Sanctuary, Erie CO

Courtesy of Luvin Arms Sanctuary, Erie CO

How did we Rise?

Where did the Inspiration for this Conscious Journey Arise?

Tricia Shields, the founder of Compassion Rising, is a vegan mom and wife, an animal rights activist, author and entrepreneur. She has owned and operated a licensed childcare program for almost 4 years and transformed it to a vegan program in January of 2022. Prior to that, Tricia worked in the healthcare industry for 16 years.

It was a sudden Awakening that inspired the idea that has become Compassion Rising. Tricia envisions a vegan world where families, preschools and child care programs are given a safe space to nurture that seed of compassion, which she believes, is innate within each and every child.

She identified with vegan families that were experiencing similar challenges such as:


Feeling concerned about the state of the world they are living in today and how they would raise their vegan children consciously with this sense of hopelessness.


Feeling isolated and alone, whilst trying to strengthen and maintain vegan values of love and compassion within their children.


Feeling let down by public schooling systems, societal conditioning and government funded curriculums that forgo teachings about emotional intelligence, self-awareness and empathy.

If this sounds familiar, then we want you to know that you are not alone!

Our one of a kind, compassion-based program and team of vegan experts are ready to support you on your vegan journey of raising future generations to be the core of a thriving tomorrow.

Our Compassionate Vegan Community

As part of our compassionate, vegan members program, you have access to our amazing panel of experts, each representing a crucial branch of compassion.

You will glean from our compassion-based Dietitian, Pediatrician, Psychologist, Yoga and Meditation and/or Eco-Conscious Experts. All being in alignment with your vegan morals and values. Access to these experts helps us collectively build the vegan community that we want to create for our children.

“I want to change the way we look at childcare in the world. Our children are the future, they are the key for change, compassion is the answer.”

- Tricia Shields,