Welcome to our
Compassion Circle Community.

-  Because together, through compassion, we will rise -

Are you fearful of the world
we are raising our children into?

Do you feel frustrated by public schooling systems that do not expose our children to teachings of emotional-intelligence and self-awareness?

Do you feel isolated or challenged by society while trying to establish values of love and compassion within our children?

Have you had enough of platforms like Facebook that can feel overwhelming and sometimes send you down a negative spiral?

The Compassion Circle is devoted to cultivating the seed of compassion within each and every child

What does this mean?

As parents, child care providers, and compassion experts, we will provide you with a one of a kind child enrichment program that exposes our children to the deeper aspects and roots of life that they may not learn about in today’s society.

Together, we will create communities of compassion enriched families and children that can offer hope for a brighter, kinder future.

What is the Compassion Circle?

The Compassion Circle is a space in which to develop the child and their family's emotional intelligence, reawaken their sense of connection with the world around them, and strengthen their core values of compassion and empathy. 

Our one of a kind child-enrichment program will provide you with the tools you need to make these values impenetrable within each and every child. Preparing them to awaken the world, becoming the catalyst for a more compassionate future. 

A look at what’s included…

Compassion Circle will help us feel connected, supported, and hopeful for a brighter tomorrow.

Access to the renowned Think Equal Curriculum

Helping you teach compassion, mindfulness, and more to children from a childcare center or from home.

Enjoy weekly content

To continuously feel inspired, connected, and educated.

Access to Our Expert Panel (ebook out)

Special access to our expert’s content, interact during monthly sessions, and connect for additional childcare services.

Grow during Monthly Mastermind Sessions (next step)

Learn from our team of compassion professionals to continuously strengthen your knowledge and sense of compassionate living.

Connect with compassionate families (got it)

Find support and build friendships through family-friendly events online and in-person.

Take time for YOU

A place for parents to express themselves freely, be heard, and learn how to cope with parental pressures in a more compassionate way.

Community Support

Forgo stress and clarify questions during weekly discussions with our founder, Tricia.

Access to our Compassion folder

Find educational, engaging, and fun resources that can be used at school or at home.

Get an E-copy of Tricia Shield’s Book *Coming Soon!*

Dive into ….(summary of what they will learn/get)

Become a Member

We are offering the opportunity to join our compassion community for just $22 a month.

Or you can join for the whole year at _____ and save ______. 


Invest in your children…they are our future.


Come and join our community of compassionate families, professionals, and educators today. 


About Tricia

Tricia Shields, the founder of Compassion Rising, is a loving mom and wife, an animal activist, and the business owner of her own vegan childcare program. It was this program that inspired Compassion Rising. She envisioned a world where families and childcare programs nurtured that seed of compassion she saw within each and every child. Now, through Compassion Rising, she supports these groups in their journey of instilling values and teachings of compassion, mindfulness, and empathy within our children. 

“ I want to change the way we look at childcare in the world. Our children are the future, they are the key for change, Compassion is the answer. “