Are you concerned about what kind of world we are raising our children into?
One depleted of compassion and full of suffering?

Do you feel let down by public schooling systems and government funded curriculums that forgo these teachings of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and empathy?

Get a taste for how Compassion Rising can be a beacon of light as you raise our future generations to be the core of a thriving, compassionate tomorrow.

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Share an emotion based learning experience with your child. Experience the renowned global curriculum, Think Equal in an up close exercise.

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Delve into a soothing mindfulness session as we explore the interconnectivity of the life that surrounds us.

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Enjoy a child-friendly eco-living activity. Discover ways to move towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Have fun at a cook along and learn more about the compassion menu.

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Discover the connection between nature, art, and psychology through a fun activity.

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