We’re all about the planet!

We believe in the power of compassion, not only for a more compassionate world for all living beings, but for the one address we all call home, Earth. We strive to teach easy ways to be eco-conscious in our everyday lives. Reducing our impact on the earth with recycling, composting, and making sure the products we use contain the least amount of plastic as possible, is just as a start. The amount of plastic in our beautiful oceans affects all sea life which in turn, affects all land animals, human and non-human.

With the mass production of plastic that is in turn not recycled or disposed of in a controlled manner, discarded plastic and waste generates emissions when exposed to the solar radiation, both in the air and in the water. Research shows that around 269,000 tons of plastic waste fills our oceans around the world. Everyday, around 800 million pieces of plastic make their way into our oceans. That is unfathomable right?? Unfortunately, it is true.

Per research, by continuing to pollute our oceans and seas we are not only accelerating climate change, but we are raising the chances of human extinction on our planet as well.  Not only does the ocean help the climate by absorbing 80% of the heat from the sun, it also provides approximately 50% of the oxygen we breathe through phytoplankton, which are tiny plant-like organisms that live in the sea. These are just a couple of the oceans integral functions.

Our mission is to bring light to these startling facts and provide guidance and resources on ways to make a difference as much as possible. With “How-to” guidance as well as simply talking about these issues in a space of connection and understanding, we are contributing to the solution. If every family and childcare program was more conscious of their daily actions when it comes to these issues, we can create change.

 We want to help people feel good about what they are doing for the planet. With the help of our Eco-Conscious expert , we aim to help you do all you can to be a force for good when it comes to compassion for our Mother Earth. 


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