The “Compassion Based Diet”

What is the definition of “Compassion”? Per Webster’s dictionary it is defined as “Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.”

 Here at Compassion Rising, we believe that what we eat has a direct impact on the suffering of the world and the human species. So by making the choice not to eat animal products, we feel we are elevating the compassionate energy on the planet. And while we do not wish to push our beliefs in any way, we aim to bring a new perspective and awareness in our message.

As we align our core values in all areas of our lives by not only treating human animals with compassion, but our fellow non-human animals as well, we have made the choice to live in a way that is true in nature. Therefore, we choose not to eat anyone that has suffered in order to provide us with a temporary sense of fulfillment. We believe that Mother Earth has given us the gift of abundance in the form of plant-based foods. By eating that which is wholesome in nature and grown from the earth rather than born from a womb, we are nurturing our mind, body and spirit.

We realize our physical bodies are not mortuaries, but temples, and to honor this gift we must keep the harmonic balance within by nourishing it with only the purest of foods. The saying “ you are what you eat” holds a far deeper meaning when we look at the suffering that originated from that which we consume.

We strive to make it easy for our members to try a new and compassionate way of nourishing themselves by offering guides and resources on a plant based lifestyle. With the help of our expert in Plant-based Nutrition, we aim to make eating compassionately fulfilling and exciting.

The Rising of Compassion is a choice that each and every human has the capacity to make, and by choosing a compassionate diet, we will rise.

Nichole, our Vegan Dietician can provide helpful guidance for new, or seasoned plant-based eaters. Find more resources from Nichole in our experts section! 

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